The City of Azusa wanted to create awareness of how getting the population’s right count in the Census helps its residents. Based on previous census experience, the city wanted to reach out to the lower response area in the most cost-effective way.


There were a few options in front of the city – door to door canvassing, email marketing, and mail marketing. Since it was one-time local awareness efforts, the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing was the best option to catch residents’ attention with the least money spent.


We actively took part in the Census committee for the city. We brainstormed to identify the least responsive areas in the city. We aligned the same data with the Post Office’s routes and ensured that the city’s message would get across with the largest possible mailer. With a few revisions, we made sure that the right message gets across and be effective.

The Process

Like other online marketing, EDDM has its own process to be more effective and the best ROI.

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EDDM postcards are not less than a piece of fantastic art. Check the Gallery yourself.


The city received an increased response in the Census.